Has this technology been validated?

Yes, please see our peer reviewed validation and implementation paper on the references page

Does the box work for rats and mice?

Yes, by flipping a switch on the front of the box and checking a software selector you can switch between running rats and running mice.

Can I have bedding in the arena?

Yes, you can put bedding on the floor. However, more than 1cm of bedding may start to interfere with vibration readings and is not recommended. Also take care that bedding does not get wedged into the crack between the floor and the wall.

Can I feed and water the animals?

Yes, we have an alternate door accessory that has a food hopper and drinking bottle attached.

How does it score the strange behavior my mouse exhibits?

Since all seconds are scored your unique behavior will be scored as one of our 23 behaviors. The behavior will be placed in the category that it most closely resembles (e.g. tonic seizures are often scored as “scratch”).

What does the data mean?

There are a number of uses of the behavioral array that is produced. The most frequent is as a baseline to compare with future manipulations. Also, affects on the behavioral array may be compared accross experiments with known treatments to gain insight into your manipulation.

Can I run more than one animal at a time?

No, it is not possible to run more than one animal at a time and get the vibration-dependent behavioral scoring. However, the video software can run standard multi-animal experiments where no behavioral identification is required.

Can this product do anything else?

Yes, each Spectrometer comes equipped with fully functional video tracking software. Please see BioObserve/viewer3 for details on this fully included package.