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A Little About the Spectrometer

The Behavioral Spectrometer is capable of automatically identifying 23 (15 in rat) unique behaviors (click for list) and providing a complete, real-time profile of unconditioned mouse and rat behavior. This is accomplished by the integration of state-of-the-art video analysis (Viewer3, BiObserve, GmbH) with advanced vibration analysis (developed at Behavioral Instruments, Inc.) to create a behavioral platform with the highest resolution of behavioral identification in the industry. This capability allows for rapid, robust and complete quantitative profiles of mutant mice and psychoactive drugs to be made in a single session.

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One of our satisfied clients

“The Behavioral Spectrometer is the most versatile piece of equipment in my lab and also one of the most robust and reliable. It has revolutionized how I spend my time – namely NOT watching and scoring videos for hours on end! I can get from set-up to data in a fraction of the time as watching videos frame by frame and I can actually get sufficient sample size and analysis completed in a single day. Novice users can get detailed and accurate data –with under an hour training – it is almost completely idiot-proof. This equipment also allows scoring phenotypes that are incredibly difficult or almost impossible to score any other way, even for experienced users. The Behavioral Spectrometer can address so many different indications.” continued…